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The NanoEmulsion developed by Hextar KCS Sdn Bhd (Hextar KCS) has the ability to remove Waxy oil and grease on the well surfaces. It is non toxic, biodegradable, aqueous based, neutral pH and free of aromatic solvents such as benzene, toluene and xylene. The effectiveness of the NanoEmulsion is matching the aromatic solvents but with a higher flash point hence emitting less volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it safer and easier to handle. The greatest advantage of the NanoEmulsion is that it can be diluted by fresh water, brine or sea water and hence the cost of using only reserved osmosis (RO) water can be eliminated.

Conventional degreaser is only able to reduce the oil-water interfacial tension to 10-1 mN/m, whereas NanoEmulsion developed by Hextar KCS is able to achieve a fascinating value of 10-4 mN/m to 10-6 mN/m. at such an ultralow interfacial tension, the Hextar KCS NanoEmulsion is capable of removing stubborn and sticky oily contaminants in the oil well, pipeline and even reservoir, thereby making the flow of oil possible to achieve enhanced oil recovery.