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PRODUCTS: Drilling Fluids Specialty Additives

Hextar KCS’s high quality specialty additives are developed to deal with difficulties that faced in drilling and provide better performance. In this segment, Hextar KCS develops additives by using innovative technology in surfactant, polymer, green solvent and lubricant. Hextar KCS’s products are proven with good trade records.
  • Polymer based: High performance Liquid based HEC, Liquid Xanthan Gum and PolyShieldTM
  • Surfactant and Green solvent based: Drilling pipes releasing agent, Drilling Detergent, wellbore cleanup
  • Lubricant: Novel lubricant for Rheology enhancer/ improvement in water based Mud
  • Completion technology: 3 in 1 Packer Fluid, Defoamer

Drilling Fluids Special Additives Product List

Product No Product's Name Description Function
DF10 LUBE Lubricant Rheology enhancer/ improvement for WBM
DF11 DEFOAMER Na DEFOAMER Ca Defoamer Various types of alcohol and silicone defoamer that designed to reduce foam in drilling fluid contain lignosulfonate, polysaccharide, synthetic polymers in monovalent and divalent brine.
DF12 WellguardTM 3 in 1 Corrosion inhibitor combo 3 in 1 blend of corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and biocide that prevent general corrosion attack in completion or workover brine.
DF13 HEC- Flow Fluid Loss Reducers & Viscosifiers Improved cross-linked Liquid HEC
DF14 XC- Flow Fluid Loss Reducers & Viscosifiers Liquid suspension Xanthan Gum
DF18 Drill DET Drilling detergent Drilling detergent that reduce surface tension and help suspend solids and clean ball bit
DF19 P-Free Pipe release chemical Chemicals to release stuck pipe