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PRODUCTS: Well Rejuvenation & Enhanced Oil Recovery

NanoEmulsion surfactants N-Surf

  • To improve oil recovery in tertiary phase of oil production, EOR company is always looking for surfactants that have lowest IFT ( < 0.001mN/m). KCS’s R&D is committed to deliver new solution for chemical EOR to meet and exceed this requirement
  • Our team has innovative technology in surfactants blends that result in ultralow interfacial tension, up to 0.000001 mN/m
  • N-Surf not only provides lowest IFT, but are also tolerant to brine and sea water

NanoEmulsion for Production Enhancement and Well Rejuvenation

  • A series of product have been developed to treat near-wellbore formation during primary oil recovery
  • This NanoEmulsion is able to remove, dissolve, and disperse organic deposit

EOR Polymer

  • Hextar KCS has developed a series of EOR polymer that is compatible with our N-Surf surfactants to provide better sweeping efficiency. These polymers are designed not to create oil-water separation and emulsion issues in the produced water

Chemical EOR Product List

EOR Surfactant / Polymer
Product No Product's Name Description Function
SF01 Hextar KCS N-Surf 100 Organic scale treatment Organic scale treatment for near wellbore
SF02 Hextar KCS N-Surf 200 Chemical for EOR Surfactant for Enhanced Oil Recovery
PF 01 Hextar KCS N-Vis 100 Polymer for EOR Increase the sweeping efficiency