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PRODUCTS: Tank & Pipeline Cleaning, Sludge Removal & Recovery

Degreaser and Cleaning Chemicals

Biodegradable, Plant Based Formulation
  • Hextar KCS’s biodegreaser and clean up additives are based on green surfactants NanoEmulsion technology.
  • These Environment friendly featured N-Clean products have not compromise its powerful cleaning performance and cost.
  • No carcinogens
  • No NPE – Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates
  • Neutral pH

Flow Assurance

NanoEmulsion/ Nano-Surfactants Blends Technology;
  • Effective in lowering oily sludge viscosity, can be as low dosage as 0.5%
  • Effective in removing heavy oily stains on tank surface
  • Can be used with water or carrier solvent.
  • Biodegradables raw materials and environmentally friendly
  • Working pH range:2 -12

Downstream Application:


Cleanup Chemicals Product List

Pipeline, Refinery, Oil Spill Cleanup
Product's Series  Description  
D-Clean 100 Degreaser  Multipurpose degreaser - Ligh Duty
D-Clean 200 Biodegreaser for light contaminant Biodegradable degreaser - economy version
N-Clean 200 Nanoemulsion biodegreaser for wax, grease and sludge removal Biodegradable degreaser for heavy duty. 
N-Free 100   Nanoemulsion for flow assurance To reduce viscosity of oily sludge, increase flowability
N-Free 200 Nanoemulsion for oil, water, solid separation  To separate oil, water, solid.  Suitable for oil recovery from slop oil and light oily sludge.
N-Free 300 Nanoemulsion for dewatering/water removal/water expulsion from oily sludge or slop oil To  dewater in oily sludge/ heavy oil/slope oil. 
W-Free 200 Water soluble surfactants for oil, water, solid separation.  To separate oil, water, solid.  Suitable for oil recovery from slop oil and dewatering.