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PRODUCTS: Wellbore Cleanup Chemicals

Excellent Performance Shorter cleaning time, Clean Product

All-in-1 Single Stage Displacement Fluid

  • During OBM mud or invert emulsion mud cleaning, it’s normally dictated to use of several clean up pills which consist of solvent pill, wetting agent pill, and clear brine pill – a wash train that cleans the wellbore of the invert fluids and produces a water-wet state. This process involves longer time and preparation steps.
  • Hextar KCS’s WellClean is a highly effective, single-stage well displacement cleaning additives. WellClean with its ultra lFT provides excellent cleaning performance in shorter time and just with a single pill.

Wellbore Cleanup

Wellbore Cleanup

NanoEmulsion Based Product, Powerful in cleaning and water-wetting

  • WellClean is NanoEmulsion based product which is proven has better cleaning performance than microemulsion or doublemeulsion products. During cleaning process, nano size of droplets remove, dissolves, and disperses oil and synthetic-base-mud residue. Afterward, WellClean leaves all downhole tubulars and metal surfaces in a water-wet state.

Stable, Weighted to Stable, Weighted

  • Hextar KCS has series products that full fill customer requirement. WellClean 100 and 200 are designed to maintains its efficient performance when the wellbore pressure differential requires the wash spacer to be weighted in heavy brine. In addition, the product is effective over a wide temperature range and is ideal for deepwater applications.

Delay Effect in Cleaning

  • Hextar KCS has developed products that can be used to remove OBM filter cake at open hole completion and has tested of its capability to kick start mud removal after more than 12 hours in open hole and allow full removal in designed time.

Wellbore Cleanup Product List

Product No Product's Name Description Function
WC01 WellCleanTM 100 Wellbore cleanup chemicals for monovalent brines Blends of surfactants for wellbore cleanup - compatible with sodium brine, up to 1.5SG
WC02 WellCleanTM 200 Wellbore cleanup chemicals for divalent brines Blends of surfactants for wellbore cleanup - compatible with calcium brine, up to 1.7SG
WC03 WellCleanTM 300 Wellbore cleanup chemicals Casing cleaner for oil based and water based mud displacements. Compatible with organic and inorganic acid, live acid and activated acids.
WC04 WellCleanTM 400 Wellbore cleanup for open hole cleaning Superior blends of surfactants for wellbore cleanup
WC05 WellCleanTM 500  Wellbore cleanup for delayed action Delay action wellbore cleanup for WBM/ OBM in long horizontal well
WC10 WellTreatTM 100 Near wellbore treatment chemicals Improve well productivity by removing blockage near wellbore due to organic/ inorganic scale, emulsified waxy crude, asphaltene, wax, and formation damage due to contamination.
WC12 WellBreakerTM 100 Filter cake breaker for open whole Filter cake breaker
WC07 WellPackerTM Viscosifier for packer fluids Liquid viscosifier
WC11 WellGuardTM Corrosion inhibitor for wellbore cleanup 3 in 1 corrosion inhibitor