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Consulting Service



Hextar KCS Sdn Bhd (Hextar KCS) is able to provide highly experienced consulting and chemical engineering services to our clients around the globe, whether it is onshore or offshore at short notice.

Our highly experienced team has over a century of combined experience in the oilfield production chemical industry and is completely dedicated to providing clients with innovative, cost effective solutions. We are able to provide expert of advice to our clients from specialty chemicals and custom blending to chemical performance monitoring in the field to drilling production chemicals, pipeline cleaning and oil recovery from tank sludge.

With our extensive knowledge of drilling, completion and stimulation, our oilfield consultancy services can improve the selection, monitoring, understanding and cost efficiency of wellbore operations.

We are able, on request, look into individual production operation challenges and, with the support of our stage art laboratories and experienced scientists, we can develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for the problematic and diffucult oil and gas field development.

Hextar KCS is able to provide consultancy services to drilling, completion, and well stimulation, enhanced oil recovery, production for unconventional oil, storage tank cleaning and sludge oil recovery, oil spillage and environmental remediation



Drilling, Completion and Well Stimulation


  • Drilling Fluid Selection: Reviewing drilling fluid requirement, sourcing and develop drilling fluids additives that meet the requirements.

  • Completion Optimization: Provide technical review of damage risk and options for prevention and remedial treatment, reviewing chemical selection including provides chemical supply services. Advice on wellbore cleanup solution and system including the supply of suitable chemicals.

  • Heavy Oil Development: Provide expert knowledge for appropriate solution to recover and enhanced the production of the heavy oil, increase the efficiency of the recovery factor, rejuvenate wells that have been damaged by emulsion blockage, adverse wettability, inorganic and organic scale, wax, and asphaltene precipitation. Provide solution to increase the production flow in the pipeline, remove deposits and prevent deposition of wax, asphatelent and scale onto the pipeline.

  • Well stimulation and rejuvenation: Provide analysis of the damage from the historic data, provide advice on the treatment, provide laboratory evaluation on root cause, designing and customize chemical treatment and procedure for the damaged well.

  • Crude storage tank cleaning and oil recovery: Provide consultation on the process optimization for sludge recovery, provide full laboratory analysis on the sludge profile and methods of recovery, customize chemicals for the sludge oil recovery and water treatment to apply to local enviroment standards.

  • Oil spillage and environmental remediation: Advice on type of chemicals for cost effective treatment and recovery of the oil spillage.

  • Pipeline clogging cleanup: Provide technical advice, including the supply of methodology and to chemicals effectively remove clogging of pipelines.